What does East West do?

In short, East West is a global contract manufacturer. We help companies become more competitive by producing their components or assemblies to high quality standards in countries where it makes the most sense. We have our own operations in the US, China, Vietnam, and India, and specialize in plastics, rubber, industrial textiles, metal, electronics, assemblies, and motors.

To put it formally…

East West Manufacturing (EW) is a recognized and respected expert in the planning, design and implementation of offshore product manufacturing for U.S. and European original equipment manufacturers and distributors. EW was founded in Atlanta, GA in 2001, and utilizes transparent supply chain, on-site quality control and logistics systems to reduce the risks and complexities of offshore manufacturing. EW works through its factories, primarily located in China, Vietnam, and now India, and acts as a customer advocate throughout the manufacturing and supply chain process by negotiating contracts, sourcing materials, providing translation services and navigating cultural differences. Proven systems give EW customers the quality, speed to market and cost advantages essential to succeed in today’s competitive markets. For more information about EW’s Domestic Offshore Manufacturing® model, visit www.ewmfg.com.

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