Bob Corliss

Currently racing: Swift 014 Formula Atlantic

Racing came to Bob at an early age going to racetracks in Europe and as all little boys do he dreamt of racing. This evolved into driving high performance cars and motorcycles in a non-competitive environment.

A few years ago while looking for a trailer he was presented with an opportunity to purchase one that just happened to include a Formula Continental racecar. Thus began the fulfillment of his lifelong dream.

In his second full season he enjoyed some success with 9 starts, 8 poles and 7 victories. At the end of the season he purchased his current racecar, a Formula Atlantic, and is campaigning the car for Robert Talbott Motorsports in the SCCA Majors. He is expected to conclude this season ranked nationally in the top 10.


Quote: “Racing is like business, it requires a complete commitment physically, emotionally and mentally. It will result in some wins and losses while making new friends along the way."


2016 Recap


Robert Talbott Motorsports wins National Championship for 2016!

Entering the final race weekend at famed Virginia International Raceway, the Robert Talbott Motorsport's #17 Swift 14a, had a very slim 11 point lead for the season in the Atlantic Challenge Series.

Saturday's race saw that lead grow as Robert Talbott Motorsports had a convincing victory. This left one final race and Robert Talbott Motorsports only needed to complete half of the laps to insure the Championship.

"Very excited to win the National Championship! While Saturday's race had all of the excitement of a championship race, Sunday's race was unexpected and required considerable patience and a very measured approach to just finish", commented Bob Corliss. "Very grateful to everyone at Comprent for getting the car back on the track".

This concludes the 2016 Atlantic Championship season for Robert Talbott Motorsports! Stay tuned for updates in the near future.


2015 Recap

The 2015 season can best be described by these few words; teamwork, reliability, and focus. We started and finished all 14 races, including the last race of the season in Pittsburgh in a snowstorm!

The mechanics, engineers, and support staff at Comprent Motorsports made sure I had a safe and reliable car every weekend.  The rest of the job was up to me to make sure the car returned in one piece while pushing the limit where possible.

Consistent performance all the way around resulted in numerous personal bests, including some podium finishes. We ended up in Fourth Place Overall and First Place among like cars out of a total field of 22 cars. I'm very satisfied and very much looking forward to 2016!

Stay tuned next season as we hope to add fast lap video from some of the tracks.






2014 Recap

Having completed 8 Pro races in my first full season I can only say that it was both a privilege and a pleasure to race against other Formula Atlantic race cars at some of the finest venues in the country.


The 2014 season can best be described as a learning experience, combined with the number of mechanical issues. It ended on a high note with a P4 finish and the National Championship Runoffs at the world famous Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.


2013 Recap

The 2013 inaugural race season for Robert Talbott Motorsports was a huge success! Sean Rayhall, our featured driver, won the IMSA Lites Championships in the Robert Talbott Motorsports sponsored DP-02! The rest of the team were successful in their respective classes and are anxiously awaiting the start of the 2014 season.


"For me personally, my first season in the Robert Talbott Motorsports sponsored Formula Atlantic racecar resulted in a Top 10 finishing season. In the final event, The America Road Race Championships, I was fortunate to get a podium finish! 2014 looks to be exciting and more competitive than 2013 as I will be racing in the Atlantic Championship Pro Series and SCCA Majors program." The Atlantic Championship Pro Series races and SCCA Majors can be followed on Race Monitor, an app for mobile devices.


The final scheduled race of the 2014 season is the SCCA National Championship Runoffs at the world famous Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca in beautiful Monterey, CA, the home track of Robert Talbott Motorsports!



Good luck to all!!